Elemental by Ruth Block


December 1 - January 27th

Open First Fridays,

December 1st & January 5th, 6-9pm

Open every Saturday, 1-5pm


Meet with the Artist: 

First Fridays, Dec 1st and Jan 5th, 6-9pm 

Saturdays: Dec. 16, 23, 30, Jan. 13, 20, 27, 1-5pm 

(Or by appointment:  rblock@sonic.net )


This winter season we welcome Ruth Block to the gallery. She brings with her an array of mixed media works on canvas, paintings that seem to cross boundaries between worlds. Using different mediums and styles to fit her current purpose or need, her works range from smaller works of whimsy, to larger pieces of a more pensive nature. The gallery with be filled with her mixed media paintings, large and small, as well as her bronze sculptures. Please come and join us in exploring her work! To read about her work in her own words, please continue below... 







1. fundamental; basic ; primal , inherent

2. motivated by or symbolic of primitive and powerful natural forces or passions

3. of or relating to earth, air, water, and fire considered as elements

4. of or relating to atmospheric forces, esp. wind , rain , cold , and heat noun (rare) a spirit or force that is said to appear in physical form

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers


Fundamental forces flaunt our attempt at control; whether confronting us from the external world, which seem most obvious, but also from our depths, the archetypes and animal ‘elementals’ emerge from within, into our dreams, visions, yearnings, and ultimately, decisions. Consciously or unconsciously, these forces eventually inform and mold the directions of our lives, in sync with our intentions, which I pray are for the greatest truth and good of all. We see clearly the effects where motivations emerge from the flip side, all the attributes based on fear and separation rather than love and inclusiveness.  


Paintings in this exhibit are mostly mixed-media started and/or finished recently, though Tsunami took years of layering to resolve.  Others more playful or whimsical, far less of a struggle.  The bronze sculptures date from earlier time periods, though limited editions were just recently cast and still inform my present. Bird-Woman has been cast into bronze for the first time from her ceramic origins.


I’ve included archival quality prints, mandala books, and blank gift cards as well.


Please enjoy!



See more of Ruth Blocks work at www.ruthblock.com



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