High Tide: new work by Jeanne Jabbour, Joell Jones, and Marcy Voyevod

June 2nd - July 22nd

Reception on First Fridays, June 2nd & July 7th 6-9pm

Open every Saturday, 1pm-5pm

Oakopolis is thrilled to continue our exploration of art with these three incredible artists. Jeanne Jabbour, Joell Jones and Marcy Voyevod come together to explore their innerselves through their new work.

Chaos #5, Jeanne Jabbour

Chaos #5, Jeanne Jabbour

Jeanne Jabbour: CHAOS

Chaos is my life in the midst of uncertainty. The lines continue to glide, climb and bleed into new territories. I can have many fantasies about having control over my world but I know that it is a futile attempt at some imagined order. I realize that when I try to control things I am limited to my own vision so I choose to let go and see where the line takes me. It moves where it needs to move and I have faith that the journey will continue to be exciting.

Working under a cloud of futility I search the creative force for answers. I hand over any control, destiny or meaning of the work…no path or direction -- just the process and experience.

"That maybe even if we're not always so glad to be here, it's our task to immerse ourselves anyway: wade straight through it, right through the cesspool, while keeping eyes and hearts open." ~Donna Tart "The Goldfinch"

Pebble, Set 48-50, Joell Jones

Pebble, Set 48-50, Joell Jones

Joell Jones

Pebble: Liminal Light

Lines moving upward over horizontal color give a shimmering affect and suggests a higher frequency.

Ferocious line work moving energy upward. So strong the desire. As it dissipates, the energy pivots and forms the pebble, a magical bead, holding potential in an uplifted state. The velocity of the energy creates the pebble that rises above the lines… exposing another realm. Spirit rising.

“Cultivate the open mind and paint spontaneously faster than thought while giving full attention to what is appearing as it appears. In this way, with practice, an aspect of an inner world appears under the painter’s hand.” – Gordon Onslow Ford

Solitude, Marcy Voyevod

Solitude, Marcy Voyevod

Marcy Voyevod: Solitude

All of my work has meaning, experience and intention just beneath the surface.

The Solitude series is strongly connected with the work I do with Joell and Jeanne during our retreats, as well as the workshops I've taken with Sas Colby. During a time when I allowed myself the space to be truly alone, I don't think I could have had the courage and resources without tapping into my past experiences with these women to do what was needed. When I look back on those dark days, my view of the water and hills that show up in my paintings remind me that I was stronger than I imagined, more stubborn than I can believe, and I did what I knew was right. I had a deep and profound period of solitude that I never had before. It prepared me for a life of freedom, joy and confidence.