Creative Activism: Project Statement

With the current political climate, this feeling of upheaval all around, we find ourselves asking this common question…

What can we do?


As artists, we can use our mode of expression to make our feelings known.


Creative Activism Project is a revolving, group show online hosted on Oakopolis Creativity Center’s website. OCC’s gallery space had focused on the internal world with work striving to create balance and well-being within. Creative Activism Project strives to bring that inner exploration and desire for well-being to the struggles of the outer world, in an effort to communicate and create balance outside of the self.

We’re asking artists to reach outward with their work and inspire other people to show up with their values and reach outward as well. We’re encouraging artists to participate in an ever shifting stream of art works that explore the intersection of art and activism.

We invite artists who are interested in this project to submit work for review, as website ready jpeg attachments or as links, no more than three samples.