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What Is the OCC?

Oakopolis provides a venue for artists whose work explores the inner landscape, who use their work as a way to process their lives and through that, to contribute to the dialogue between art and consciousness. The gallery is a hybrid of traditional and alternative space, promoting artistic exploration and creative stretching.

Oakopolis Creativity Center was founded by Joell Jones and Jeanne Jabbour with their commitment to influence the future in a positive way. In 2007 the Gallery relocated to Uptown Oakland, at the epicenter of the burgeoning Oakland Arts district. The OCC is an early member of the Oakland Art Murmur Organization. We are housed in a 1920s heritage building that is also the home of THE MOON retail store and design studio.

Our unique 20-foot square gallery is a generative space that focuses on local artists. Outside the confines of the traditional gallery system, while being very much a part of it, the space lends itself for exhibition, reflection, and networking. It invites the use of art to process life as it unfolds—making the unseen seen.

Guest artists work in a range of media, including painting, drawing, fiber arts, writing, photography, sculpture, and site-specific installation. The guest artist is present whenever the gallery is open. Some interactive component is part of every show. This provides opportunity for creative exchange of ideas and insights between the artist and gallery visitors. Past artists have shown their process through creating their work onsite and others have offered onsite production with visitor participation.

Oakopolis is currently run by artists Joell Jones and Tenaya Gunter Brown, and with assistance from Sophie Elliott, Gabe Heilig-Yochim, and Sterling Gee.

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