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Elemental by Ruth Block

December 1, 2017 - January 27th, 2018

December 1 - January 27th

Open First Fridays,

December 1st & January 5th, 6-9pm

Open every Saturday, 1-5pm


Meet with the Artist: 

First Fridays, Dec 1st and Jan 5th, 6-9pm 

Saturdays: Dec. 16, 23, 30, Jan. 13, 20, 27, 1-5pm 

(Or by appointment: )

This winter season we welcome Ruth Block to the gallery. She brings with her an array of mixed media works on canvas, paintings that seem to cross boundaries between worlds. Using different mediums and styles to fit her current purpose or need, her works range from smaller works of whimsy, to larger pieces of a more pensive nature. The gallery with be filled with her mixed media paintings, large and small, as well as her bronze sculptures. Please come and join us in exploring her work! To read about her work in her own words, please continue below... 




1. fundamental; basic ; primal , inherent

2. motivated by or symbolic  of primitive  and powerful natural forces or passions 

3. of or relating to earth, air, water, and fire  considered as elements

4. of or relating to atmospheric forces, esp. wind , rain , cold , and heat



a spirit  or force that is said  to appear in physical  form

        Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers




Fundamental forces flaunt our attempt at control; whether confronting us from the external world, which seem most obvious, but also from our depths, the archetypes and animal ‘elementals’ emerge from within, into our dreams, visions, yearnings, and ultimately, decisions. Consciously or unconsciously, these forces eventually inform and mold the directions of our lives, in sync with our intentions, which I pray are for the greatest truth and good of all. We see clearly the effects where motivations emerge from the flip side, all the attributes based on fear and separation rather than love and inclusiveness.  


Paintings in this exhibit are mostly mixed-media started and/or finished recently, though Tsunami took years of layering to resolve.  Others more playful or whimsical, far less of a struggle.  The bronze sculptures date from earlier time periods, though limited editions were just recently cast and still inform my present. Bird-Woman has been cast into bronze for the first time from her ceramic origins.


I’ve included archival quality prints, mandala books, and blank gift cards as well.


Please enjoy!

See more of Ruth Blocks work at

Vicki Gunter: Clay & Earth, What We Stand On

October 6th - November 18th, 2017

October 6th - November 18th, 2017

Opening day: Friday, October 6th, 2017, 6-9pm

Reception on October 14th, 1-5 pm

Open on Saturdays, 1-5 pm and on First Friday Art Murmurs, 10/6 & 11/3 6-9 pm


Oakopolis is excited to present an exhibition of Vicki Gunter's ceramic sculptures. We've been sharing art with everyone for 10 years now and are thrilled to celebrate by sharing this experience with you all.

Vicki's work looks deeply at our relationship with the earth we live on. Please come to look deeply at he work in turn and have an opportunity to get your hands in some clay!

A community clay table will be in the gallery for folks to make their own creations.

Please see the artists words below for more information.

"As a native of California, the clay state, I work with clay from the earth to defend the earth.


I love the clay process, pushing its limits, revealing its innate qualities, turning mud to stone. I feel a passionate urgency to conjure art in this revolutionary time and value clay’s infinite potential. mirroring our own.


In this show, I am seeking creative and community balance. My intention is to share work that stirs the visceral will to face our many challenges, with joy, in the beauty that is us and all other life. Beauty that is under our feet and setting sail at our backs.


The masterpiece of nature is my source and anchor, in wild places, and at home in East Oakland. I am inspired by its no-waste complexity. It can be a guide to us, as artists and citizens, by its responses to our actions.


Clay has a memory. It records your fingerprints and all the ways you held it in your hands. Our earth has a memory and responds to our manipulations. My work in clay draws from the knowledge that everything…our food, home, clothes, tools, toys all come from the ‘clay’ of the earth and the hope that we will seek solutions in nature-based knowledge to grow, gather, love & consume leaving the smallest fingerprint.


You are invited to join me at The Community Clay Table, where you can sink your fingers into clay & imagine it is the DNA soup of star stuff. Play. Make what what you will. Place it in the mini Community Gallery or smoosh it back into the recycle bag."

Oakopolis Gallery Celebrating 10 years as a Creativity Center!

Visitors may also don headphones & a comfy chair to listen to The Global Climate Change Music Project by Australian composer and musician Rob Slaney. Because climate change is a planetary problem… he invited 195 composers from every country on the planet to contribute 4 bars of music to create one composition that speaks for the earth.

June 2nd - July 22nd

Reception on First Fridays, June 2nd & July 7th 6-9pm

Open every Saturday, 1pm-5pm

Oakopolis is thrilled to continue our exploration of art with these three incredible artists. Jeanne Jabbour, Joell Jones and Marcy Voyevod come together to explore their innerselves through their new work.

Chaos #5, Jeanne Jabbour

High Tide: new work by
Jeanne Jabbour,
Joell Jones,
and Marcy Voyevod

June 2nd - July 22nd 2017

Jeanne Jabbour: CHAOS 

Chaos is my life in the midst of uncertainty. The lines continue to glide, climb and bleed into new territories. I can have many fantasies about having control over my world but I know that it is a futile attempt at some imagined order. I realize that when I try to control things I am limited to my own vision so I choose to let go and see where the line takes me. It moves where it needs to move and I have faith that the journey will continue to be exciting. 

Working under a cloud of futility I search the creative force for answers. I hand over any control, destiny or meaning of the work…no path or direction -- just the process and experience.

"That maybe even if we're not always so glad to be here, it's our task to immerse ourselves anyway: wade straight through it, right through the cesspool, while keeping eyes and hearts open." ~Donna Tart "The Goldfinch"

Pebble, Set 48-50, Joell Jones

Joell Jones

Pebble: Liminal Light

Lines moving upward over horizontal color give a shimmering affect and suggests a higher frequency. 


Ferocious line work moving energy upward. So strong the desire. As it dissipates, the energy pivots and forms the pebble, a magical bead, holding potential in an uplifted state. The velocity of the energy creates the pebble that rises above the lines… exposing another realm. Spirit rising.


“Cultivate the open mind and paint spontaneously faster than thought while giving full attention to what is appearing as it appears. In this way, with practice, an aspect of an inner world appears under the painter’s hand.” – Gordon Onslow Ford

Solitude, Marcy Voyevod

Marcy Voyevod: Solitude

All of my work has meaning, experience and intention just beneath the surface.

The Solitude series is strongly connected with the work I do with Joell and Jeanne during our retreats, as well as the workshops I've taken with Sas Colby.  During a time when I allowed myself the space to be truly alone, I don't think I could have had the courage and resources without tapping into my past experiences with these women to do what was needed.   When I look back on those dark days, my view of the water and hills that show up in my paintings remind me that I was stronger than I imagined, more stubborn than I can believe, and I did what I knew was right.  I had a deep and profound period of solitude that I never had before.  It prepared me for a life of freedom, joy and confidence. 

John Wood - In Residence
What happens next...?

March through April 2017

Always Far Away © 2017 John W Wood, mixed media on paper, 48 x 86 inches

John Wood:


"I spent a very productive month in Northern Wyoming, not far from the Montana border, at the Jentel Artist Residency Program enjoying the winter landscape and using the time and experience to explore new images and ideas in my art. The frozen landscape was very compelling and presented such a temptation to paint beautiful, traditional landscapes. At Oakopolis I am working to see how my art will change in response to my time away at Jentel as well as to the new political realities of 2017.


I have set up my “studio” in the Oakopolis Creativity Center Gallery and I welcome you to stop by, see how my work is developing, ask questions, and generally interact with the art making process. I hope you will join me in seeing what will happen next. 


My “studio” at Oakopolis will be open:

Art Murmur, the first Friday of March & April,  3/3/17 & 4/7/17, 6-9:00 PM

Most Saturday afternoons in March and April, 1:00-5:00 PM

I will also be working in the studio at other times during the week and you are welcome by appointment."

Cuong Ta:
What You Leave

12/02/2016 - 01/21/2017

Cuong Ta’s ceramic work displays bold patterns that stand out in stark contrast to the roughness of the warm, rich stoneware he employs.  Recently, he has incorporated more color to his palette as he explores the idea of the traces of a life, and the idea of transition, whether it is life to death, or from one stage of life to another.

The work in this show will tackle this theme in different ways, from the Gates series to the installation on the large wall that recreates a wall of ancestors.  In this show, Cuong invites visitors to participate in creating and adding their own stories of transition to the monument.

Reception, Saturday, January 7th 1-5pm

Open hours:

*Saturdays, 1 – 5 pm (The gallery will be closed December 24th)

*Friday, December 2nd and January 6th, 6 – 9 pm, during Oakland Art Murmur’s First Friday art walk.

*Third Thursday, December 15th and January 19th, 6 – 8pm