current artists: Jeanne Jabbour / Joell Jones

Joell Jones uses symbolic language to express her deepest concerns regarding the future of humanity in the face of climate change.

Jeanne Jabbour is often told to never give up, to have hope, but humanity endlessly disappoints her. She is discouraged and depressed at the lack of compassion, the ignorance, greed and corruption that pervades politics (and the world) today. Through this work she is able to speak of the things that haunt her life and in turn will hopefully encourage others to also speak.


For the next year Oakopolis is stepping outside the gallery walls to explore a revolving, group show online. It is "Creative Activism", an ever shifting stream of art works that explore the intersection of art and activism.

We have created this space to share work that strives to use the unique tools we have as artists to express our hopes and concerns about local and global issues.

If you create work in this genre and would like to participate, please check our project statement.

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Joell Jones, Earth In Peril 2, 2018, Gouache/acrylic, 8 x 8 in