sas colby artist and teacherSas Colby has been an exhibiting artist since the 1970s. Her craft is embedded in every fiber of her being. She speaks, breaths, and lives art, sharing her wisdom in workshops and retreats. We are fortunate to include Sas in our creative community.

My mixed media art spans more than four decades of serious inquiry into a variety of forms and materials. I’m currently exploring the forms and light in my garden in a series of abstract paintings and drawings. My art is also inspired by travel and poetry, and an interest in the human condition in general. I’ve led community wide art projects such as Oakland’s “1,000 Faces,” and currently serve on the Exhibition Committee at the San Francisco Center for the Book. I’ve been a visiting artist in Australian universities, and taught at Haystack, Penland, and Anderson Ranch, cherished art schools in this country, as well as private workshops in Taos, NM and Mallorca, Spain.  I welcome this opportunity to teach close to my home in Berkeley, CA. Please check my website for a full resume and to see the evolution of my art work.