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Suzanne Albertson paints in acrylic on canvas: Rather than paint with the intention of making a statement, I allow the paintings to inform me of their meaning. Having completed numerous canvases in the elephant series, I see symbols and imagery of the animals’ raw natural beauty, the constraints of captivity, and expressions of wild, unleashed joy.


With Jan Camp

canaries and elephants

Vicki Gunter works in clay: Clay has a memory. It records your fingerprints and all the ways you held it in your hands. Our earth has a memory and responds to our manipulations. My work in clay draws from the knowledge that everything… food, home, clothes, tools, toys… all come from the ‘clay’ of the earthMy purpose is to grow, gather and consume, leaving the smallest fingerprint.


Joell Jones


Eileen Starr Moderbacher works with water soluble pastel. On November 8 she will lead a workshop in this exciting medium. Come learn to push color to its glorious limits. Read more.



Kate Bagby