Make the Most of Your Reception

abstract painting cindy ng


This past Saturday Cindy Ng had a painting reception and she packed the Oakopolis gallery from 1 p.m.  till 5 p.m. She invited all her friends from now, past jobs, school friendships, the lot! She sold many prints at $10 ea. and cards with envelopes for $5 a package. She also sold one of her small “Jewel” paintings for, off the wall, and a large one, “Spice” that will stay for the length of the show. She brought home-made snacks and young people to serve them. While Art Soup at Oakopolis is always a group show, Cindy brought in several additional paintings for her reception that she propped up around the gallery, making her show a one-day only “pop-up” solo. It really brought home to us the importance of having a special gallery presence—once per year—that is invitational.

An invitation list having been updated during the year with email address, phone number, and street address, allows you make very direct and personal contact. The contact works best if done per the invitee’s preference. So find out how people you want to see your work want to be reached. Notices of other shows and exhibitions can be informational by email and online posting throughout the year. Check Cindy’s blog spot.

a jewel by cindy ngCongratulations Cindy, for reminding us what a resource a gallery show can be, and for using it fully. Cindy’s work is in the Soup into the spring of 2016 and we look forward to what she brings in next year. One of the prime initiatives of Oakopolis is to encourage artists to make new work by providing the space and lighting for it to be seen in public.