inner alchemy book by Joell Jones

Inner Alchemy

Twice a year, at the Equinox,  I attend an art retreat with my friends Jeanne Jabbour and Marcy Voyevod. Our intention is to expand and explore beyond our usual creative limits, and we focus our energy by creating a group alter.

Three artists working together create a synergy not present when working alone. Pure being in the moment combines the best of childhood with years of practice, and results in a deeper connection to the work. We are still working with inner world evolution, but have taken away the normal restraints in a protected environment away from everyday minutiae.

the divorce book by Joell Jones

The Divorce

Using the book form is one of my challenges on retreat. My books focus on a current life issues, to understand them better in a less formal way. A certain energy is captured and held by the book. Visual movement is added, and touch, so that a gradual discovery can come as you turn the pages and move through the experience.