Sas Colby Artist and Teacher

Sas Colby has been exhibiting art since the 1970s. At Oakopolis we are thrilled that she shares her wisdom with our creative community.

Richard Stangl, Photography

For most of my life photography has been a way to both explore the natural world and attempt to share the moments of grace and beauty that unfold in front of me.

Ruth Gendler, Monotypes

The people in my art sometimes feel like companions and friends from distant times and places.

Joell Jones on Art Collaboration

The semi-annual Equinox Art Retreat, in collaboration with Jeanne Jabbour and Marcy Voyevod, is a time for three artists to work together, creating a synergy not present when working alone.

Marcy Voyevod’s Book Art

Joell and Jeanne and I met because of the fire in the Oakland Hills in 1991. We were all raising our young kids in the fire zone. The fire transformed our lives, friendships and art. It was a bond in our friendships that was unlike any other and kept us close. As the...