About Art Soup

conversation lounge at oakopolis gallery

What is Art Soup at Oakopolis?

Art Soup is a creative, social experience where artists and collectors are encouraged to mingle for viewing, exploring, and entering into the creative imagination through conversation. The idea is to mix up the expected rules and confines of traditional galleries with a seamless show that is continually redeveloping through the process of engagement. We literally eat up the nourishment of exchange that is grounded in the deep creative urges of our authentic need for visual, sensory, and communal connection. We are a stable of artists hungry to manifest the beauty and tribulation of the inner world. There is no end of the supply of artwork that is percolating in studios around the bay area and will find its way into this ongoing experiment.

Our mission

To provide the four walls (and two cubbies), lighting, seating, and space for impromptu art experience where anyone can feel inspired, engaged, and immersed in conversations that stir creativity and leave them feeling full, motivated, and ready to investigate their own longings more deeply. We support our artists in making new work.